Hi, I’m Alexandra. Since my father is Spanish and my mother is Indonesian, I grew up in a very diverse cultural context. I gained a Bachelor in Business Administration, and then added a Master of Arts in Business Communication and Public Relations. After that, I built up a rewarding career in communication, marketing and PR in an international environment and travelled a lot.

A while ago, I got a sneaking feeling that things were going wrong. Look around you. The world we live in is so busy and hectic; life rushes by and we don’t even know who we are anymore. We risk waking up one day, realizing we’ve completely forgotten to really live for all these years and discovering we have lost the balance between mind and body. I believe it is possible to live a harmonious life in which we work a lot but are still happy, I decided to escape the rat race and press the pause button. I began to get interested in well-being, healthy food and plants, and I started studying feng shui in order to widen my knowledge in these fields. Shortly afterwards, my soulmate introduced me to sophrology. Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, but it is the science of harmony in body mind in which relaxation and concentration are used to increase personal awareness and general well-being.

During my sophrology studies, it became clear to me that I would want to apply my new insights working with children. They are the bearers of our future. Teaching them the essentials of well-being through good breathing provides them with a solid basis for a conscious and balanced life when they grow up to be adults.

One day, I woke up with the idea of conveying this message to children and the adults around them in a book based on the colours of the rainbow, with my dog Max as their guide. My first book for young children, “The Rainbow”, introduces 3 to 6-year-olds – or anyone who is interested – to techniques for breathing and relaxation in a warm and playful way, which increases the child’s self-awareness and well-being. The books are playful and colourful, yet educational, and are written in a combination of 2 languages (French/English, Dutch/French and Spanish/English).

But this is just the start of a whole new adventure, as I already have many other ideas for books and other initiatives to introduce children of all ages to different aspects of sophrology and well-being, some of them with our good friend Max as their guide.