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Who is Alexandra?

She would reply “I AM, WHO I AM, NOW”.

YESTERDAY she built up a rewarding career in communication, marketing, and PR in an international environment.

TOMORROW she does not know as each day is what it is, an ongoing process, full of surprises and blessings.

NOW she welcomes life as it comes and applies on a daily base her well-being tools as her goal is just “to be happy in her inner & outer world”. The perfect match for her well-being is the interaction of the Mind/Body, Heart & Soul.  She believes in the balance of life, the balance of her Yin & Yang.

Alexandra is now more than 16 years on her well-being adventure with the hope to be a greater version of herself each day of her life. The road is not as flat as it seems, she had to go to her deepest shadows. It is sometimes painful but liberating. By exploring the unknown of her being, each key she finds, opens a door to her happiness, and helps her in letting go what is necessary to feel the lightness of life. Each step she is taking uplifts her for something better each day, it guides her to see the light and to feel the warmth of the power of love.  Since her childhood she felt something was stronger than anything else, the feeling of the “POWER OF LOVE” and it makes her see the world through the eyes of her inner child, “life as a wonder”.

Alexandra is multicultural with multipotentiality and along her path “Light up your world” is born. The project is to propose tools of well-being to light up your inner & outer world and to have a unique experience for yourself. By connecting with passionate, creative, amazing people who are willing to make a difference in this world. We are here to guide you to discover your “true” self and to interact, to explore, to share with each other & to grow together. The treasure is in, you just need to believe it. You have the power to choose your path & to blossom like a flower. Most important is to live this life as best as you can. By changing yourself, you tend to create a better world for you and around you.

My trainings
2022: Certified Human Potential Coach, www.humanpotentialinstitute.com
2021:  Certified Dog Behaviour, Canifed, Karine Faucher, canifed.com karinefaucher.com

2021: Level 3 Okuden practitioner: Komyo ReikiDoTM, Myriam Krings, autorized by the Komyo ReikiDo of Kyoto, founder Hyakuten Inamoto.

2020: Komyo ReikiDoTM, training with Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei, Nice, France.

2019: Introduction to intuitive communication with animals.

2018: Level 2 Chuden practitioner: Komyo ReikiDoTM, Myriam Krings, autorized by the Komyo ReikiDo of Kyoto, founder Hyakuten Inamoto.

2017: Level 1 Shoden , Komyo ReikiDoTM, Myriam Krings, autorized by the Komyo ReikiDo of Kyoto, founder Hyakuten Inamoto.

2017: Certified Mindful Kids Coach, I AM –  Institute for Attention & Mindfulness (I am) , Dr. David Dewulf & Lydia Castiglione.

2017: Certified Traditional Feng Shui, Be Feng Shui, Badema, befengshui.com.

2016: Dharma Exploration & Vipassana retreat, Insight Meditation retreat, Christina Feldman and John Peacock.

2016 : Healing, “Helende handen & Helende woorden”, Equinox, Nadine Van der Aa.

2015: Certified Sophrologist, International School of Sophrology & Somatotherapy, Béatrice Van Elder, sophro-somato.eu.

2014 : Herbalism 1, Michel Dubray, Herbalism, Nutritional therapist, Author.

2006 : Resonance Healing™ Level I & II, IARH, Pia Keiding Lic. Phil., Lic.Sc.F.S., S.T.M., is a Danish transpersonal psychotherapist and international post-graduate trainer, founding director of CITHE (International Therapy Centre) in 1984. Pia has trained with Joy Messick for more than 35 years.  She is a Senior Resonance Teacher and Trainer.

Previous studies: Master’s degree, Business Communication & P.R., IMI. Bachelor’s degree, BBA, EU Business School..

Be the change you wish to see in the world.