The “LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD” project is an inner journey through the senses and the colors of the rainbow.


You can create a life tailored to your needs. You were born a creative genius but over time your inner child fell asleep. Your energetic vibration has lost its full power of being yourself.


The more you wake up, the richer and more authentic your life is. You have the recipe for your well-being. The magic is in you to awaken this wonderful light. It is waiting for you or it is there for you!


By being aware of your own energy and what you need, your inner light gradually lights up. Your radiance is spreading within you and around you.


There are many paths to be able to acquire your happiness and your full development according to your own values.


Time is your life, it belongs to you, live the moment, because tomorrow is unknown to you.

“A teacher cannot give you the truth.

The truth is already in you.

You only need to open yourself –

body, mind and heart. “

Tchich Nhat Hann

Live, breathe your life and illuminate your body, mind and heart with your light! is there as a scout, with a colorful palette of tools to enhance your well-being. Lys supports you with kindness, compassion, love, wisdom, and above all with much joy, … in order to accompany you in this discovery of “YOU”.


Welcome to this wonderful inner journey “LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD “ would like to thank all the beings of light who have been and who are on my way to achieve this wonderful project which is close to my heart. « LIGHT UP YOUR WORLD ».


A special thought to Max, the sage (RIP May 16, 2018), who accompanied me with unconditional love on the path of the colours of the rainbow to the discovery of” myself”.

Thank You 

The light is there.



The light is in you.


Look at the magic in you.


You are there.


You are real.


The light is back and you are the one.


The one who is in your dreams. 


The one who lives in you.


Here it is, the light you were looking for.


Here it is, the light is in you.


The sunshine is in your heart.


Feel it!