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Alexandra Ortiz

Meet Alexandra

Alexandra is now more than 16 years on her well-being adventure with the hope to be a greater version of herself each day of her life.

The road is not as flat as it seems, she had to go to her deepest shadows. It is sometimes painful but liberating. By exploring the unknown of her being, each key she finds, opens a door to her happiness, and helps her in letting go what is necessary to feel the lightness of life. Each step she is taking uplifts her for something better each day, it guides her to see the light and to feel the warmth of the power of love.

Since her childhood she felt something was stronger than anything else, the feeling of the “POWER OF LOVE” and it makes her see the world through the eyes of her inner child, “life as a wonder”.


Alejandra is a soul of trust and a beautiful listener on all levels. She opens your heart while anchoring you in your role on this welcoming earth. A great soul who will help you transform your wounds into your creative strength.

Marina P.

Movement Therapist, France

Alexandra is a beautiful person, a beautiful soul, one of the brightest people I know. She brings guidance and positivity, she looks at you with a sparkling and intelligent eye and always welcomes you with joy and a smile. Her treatments always start from the heart and with pure intention. She listens to her inner voice and the wisdom of her heart to bring her light to all and transcend the doubts and insecurities within us. Her laughter is as soothing and vitalizing as her treatments. Thank you Alexandra for following your path for us all.

Nadine G.


I found it a very nice experience. You do a lot of fun things and you get to relax every now and then. I normally don't like camps but these camps are very nice. If there was anything you could always go to Alexandra.

Jitske 10 jaar


As a mum, I found it really cool to experience that my child was REALLY excited every day. Looking forward in the morning to experiencing another day.... The camps fit nicely with what the child needs at that moment. The child can and may just be themselves. Spontaneity!



You're a born professional motivator



My 2 boys aged 10 and 11 have already taken part in Alexandra's camp a number of times. Since they have been going to this camp, all the other camps are no longer as much fun. If they could, they would, without a doubt, participate in every Alexandra camp. They both think it is the best camp they have ever had, over and over again. They learn to treat each other with respect, as well as to do crafts, to relax and, above all, to have fun!

Tina P.


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